Flapjack Fundraisers

Our Flapjack Fundraisers are a fun & great way to raise funds, while serving-up pancakes at your local Applebee’s!

You determine the ticket price. We recommend selling tickets from $10-$18. Upon completion of the breakfast, you will be asked to pay $7.00 per attendee or a minimum of $100 before you leave. Breakfast includes pancakes, bacon, eggs, and beverages.

How does the Flapjack Fundraiser program work?


Pick your date

Register your organization for a Flapjack Fundraiser Event.  Events can be hosted any Saturday, excluding major holidays.  Allow at least 2 weeks for your event so you can properly promote and make your event a success!

The best part about these fundraisers is that they are yours to customize. Feel free to organize basket raffles, 50/50’s or other entertainment to increase funds raised. Music club? Play some tunes! Near the holidays? Invite Santa. This is your event, OWN IT!


Promote & Sell Tickets

We approve your request and setup a custom landing page and email a customized promotional flyer & tickets for your event. You will get an approval response within 3-5 business days. *Please note that approval emails may get stopped by your email’s SPAM filter, you can always check your account dashboard for approval status and your flyers and event tickets.

Send out your emails, use all forms of social media, distribute your flyer.  It is time to tell everyone about your event! The more you start talking about it, the more others will too. The more people talking, the more funds you will raise!



Recruit Volunteers to help

Search out greeters, seaters, servers & bussers to work your event. No worries, we handle making the pancakes.


Get ready for your event

Look like a team! Wear your team’s uniform, fun shirts or the charitable organization’s colors to show your pride on the day of your Breakfast!


Hold your event!

Bring your volunteers and supporters to your selected Applebee’s location and have some fun serving & eating a delicious pancake breakfast all while raising funds for your cause!

Register Your Flapjack Fundraiser

Fundraising Calculator

Want to know how many tickets you will need to sell to meet your fundraising goals or how many volunteers you will need to host your event? Select ticket price and estimated tickets below to see!

Please note: The maximum number of tickets that can be sold is 400. A minimum of 25 tickets must be sold to host a fundraiser.