Dine to Donate

Open to all non-profit organizations, our Dining to Donate events are the perfect week-night fundraiser to host at your local Applebee’s! Any guests that dines with us on your designated day & provides us with their flyer, will have 15% of their check (before tax and gratuity, excludes alcohol) given back to your organization.


How does the Dine to Donate program work?


Register your event

Register your organization for a Dining To Donate Event.  We approve your event and setup a customer landing page & email a customized promotional flyer for your event. You will get an approval response within 3-5 business days.


Recruit Volunteers to Help

Your event will not be successful without your organization working as a team. Recruit volunteers to share your event details on social media, hand-out flyers, reach-out to supporters & hand-out the vouchers to them. You should also recruit volunteers to be present at your Applebee’s location during prime hours of your event.


Promote your event

Don’t leave all your promoting to the very beginning, weeks before your event, and not reach-out to remind your supporters! You can collect your family, friends & fellow supporters email addresses when you originally start to promote your event and send them a reminder email the day before!


Hold your event

Be present the day of your event (open-close, lunch & dinner) & dine with us. Be sure that you & your fellow supporters turn-in their flyers upon paying—we will send you a check worth 15% of sales generated by your guests, before tax & gratuity, excluding alcohol.

Register Your Dine to Donate